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Guiding Principles

The Pass Christian School District

is accredited by AdvancED and the State of Mississippi. Our District earned the highest academic performance level rating in the state – "A" District for five straight years based on student achievement. The Mississippi Department of Education has recognized Pass Christian School District for Outstanding Achievement and for Serving as an Exemplar for the Betterment of Education in all Schools Across the State of Mississippi. We have an award-winning faculty and administration with a high percentage of advanced degrees and National Board certification.

Pass Christian High School

was recognized in 2005 as a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education. Pass Christian Middle School was recognized in 2012 as a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School by the United States Department of Education followed by DeLisle Elementary is 2013.

Student achievement

based on a challenging and rigorous curriculum, has earned our district national recognition.

Why we are awesome!

  • 15 Honors/DC/AP Classes
  • 16 Clubs/Student Organizations
  • 31 Varsity Sports, Fine Arts and Career Technical Education
  • $21 Million + Class of 2018 Scholarship Dollars Earned
  • 87.12% Graduation Rate

Pirate Pride Alerts

March 2021, Parent Newsletter Featured Photo

March 2021, Parent Newsletter

Lots of information in this edition! including Memorandums from Central Services, Surveys to provide parent feedback, and upcoming tutoring schedules. Check it out!
Technology Handbook Featured Photo

Technology Handbook

Please be sure to read the new PCSD technology handbook to familiarize yourself and student with our 1:1 policies and procedures.
COVID-19 Featured Photo


In the Pass Christian School District, we believe students excel when all are accepted, valued, and SAFE. Part of being safe includes taking necessary precautions during flu and cold season as well as when facing the potential threat of other infectious diseases or illnesses such as COVID-19.

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