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School Staff


Administrative Staff

West, Boyd Principal
Lindmark, Tiffany
Mooney, Jed Assistant Principal
Ladner, Tim
Athletic Director
Pirates Landing, Lead Teacher

Teaching Staff

Ainsworth, Greta Math, Girls Basketball
Allen, Amanda Science, Department Chair
Annulis, Keith History
Bang, Michele English, Pirates Landing
Batten, Andrew History, Girls Soccer
Battles, Catherine Science
Bensch, Kendra Science, Volleyball
Blackledge, Ann Adele Art
Blosser, Lynda Science
Butler, Jennifer English
Byrd, Heidi History
Clark, Dayne Special Education
Cobb, Paige Math, Department Chair
Donald, Brent Math, Golf
Foretich, Tara Special Services
Gibson, Faith Math
Gray, Tammie Special Services
Greenslade, Jeremy Electives, Boys Soccer
Gresham, LaQuita English
Halley, Breanna Science, Pirates Landing, Cross Country
Halley, Zachary Special Services, Track and Field
Holman, Robin Interventionist
Hough, Dennis Math, Fast Pitch, Swim
King, Stefen Science
Ladner, Ashley Math
Langham, Leslie English
Lewis, Rickey Electives
Leyser, Leslie English, Department Chair
Liles, Dustin Foreign Language
Luke, Adelia Special Services
Lundy, Jimmy Special Services
Meyers, Vicki Pirates Landing
Montgomery, Rebecca Special Services
Montiforte, Kiley Special Services
Murphy, Brianna Special Services
Murray, Launa History, Department Chair
Necaise, Stacy Foreign Language
Pennock, Blake Electives, Football
Skinner, Natalie Electives, Dance
Smith, Ricky Electives
Stewart, Dorothy English
Swilley, Barbara Electives
Turcotte, Lauren Electives
Wahl, Donna Librarian/Media Specialist
Walley, Zachary Band
Williams, Melissa Math Teacher


Mannion, Melissa School Counselor, Junior and Senior
Bailey, Tyra School Counselor, Freshman and Sophomore
Skok, Brittany Guidance Office
Cuevas, Mikki Secretary
Lawing, Michelle Secretary
Walker, Kecia Secretary