School Staf


Administrative Staff

West, Boyd Principal  
Lindmark, Tiffany Assistant Principal  
Mooney, Jed Assistant Principal  
Ladner, Tim
Athletic Director
Bang, Michele
Pirates' Landing Lead Teacher

Teaching Staff

Ainsworth, Greta Math - Girls Basketball  
Alexander, Stuart English - Pirates' Landing  
Allen, Amanda Science - Department Chair  
Annulis, Keith History - Football - Track & Field  
Batten, Andrew History  
Battles, Catherine Science  
Bensch, Kendra Science, Volleyball  
Blackledge, Ann Adele Art  
Bradley, Denzel Special Services  
Butler, Jennifer English  
Byrd, Heidi History  
Carmody, Chase Electives - Football  
Clark, Dayna Special Education  
Cobb, Paige Math - Department Chair  
Cuevas, Shanee' Special Services  
Donald, Brent Math - Golf  
Foretich, Tara Special Services - Cheer  
Gibson, Faith Math  
Gray, Tammie Special Services  
Greenslade, Jeremy Electives - Boys Soccer - Volleyball  
Gresham, LaQuita English  
Halley, Breanna Electives - Cross Country - Basketball  
Halley, Zach Special Services - Track & Field - Football  
Holman, Robin Interventionist  
Hough, Dennis Math - Fast Pitch - Swim  
Isabelle, Chasity Special Services  
Karr, Taylor Electives - Baseball  
Kennedy, Buddy Electives - Basketball  
King, Stefen Math - Computer Science - Football  
Ladner, Ashley Math  
Langham, Leslie English  
Leffingwell, Don Science  
Lewis, Rickey Electives  
Leyser, Leslie English - Department Chair  
Dustin, Liles Foreign Language  
Luke, Adelia Special Services  
Lundy, Jimmy Special Services  
Meyers, Vicki Pirates Landing - Math  
Montgomery, Rebecca Special Services  
Montiforte, Kiley Special Services  
Murphy, Brianna Special Services  
Murray, Launa History - Department Chair  
Necaise, Stacy Foreign Language  
Pace, Chelsea English  
Singleton, Maurice Pirates' Landing - History - Basketball  
Smith, Ricky History - Baseball  
Stewart, Dorothy English  
Swilley, Barbie Electives  
Turcotte, Lauren Electives  
Wahl, Donna Librarian - Media Specialist  
Walley, Zachary Band  
Williams, Melissa Math   


Mannion, Melissa School Counselor, Junior, and Senior  
Bailey, Tyra School Counselor, Freshman, and Sophomore  
Skok, Brittany Guidance Office - Records Clerk  
Cuevas, Mikki Secretary  
Lawing, Michelle Secretary - Athletics  
Walker, Kecia Secretary - Finance  
Dedeaux, John Willie School Resource Officer  
Jewel, Siri  Technology  
Rushing, Paula
Jones, Lea Custodial   
Seidule, Joe Support Services - ISI - Basketball