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Bell Times

Bell Times
Description / Period Start Time End Time Length
Duty for Teachers 7:30 AM
Dismiss to 1st block 7:50 AM
Tardy to 1st block 7:55 AM
First Break Begins / CTE Leaves 9:30 AM
First Break Ends 9:42 AM
Second Break Begins 9:42 AM
Tardy from First Break 9:46 AM
End of Second Break / 1st block over 9:55 AM
Tardy to 2nd block / 2nd block begins 9:59 AM
2nd block over / Release to 1st lunch 11:33 AM
Tardy to 3rd block / 3rd block begins 11:37 AM
1st lunch over / Release to 2nd lunch 11:55 AM
Tardy from 1st lunch 11:59 AM
2nd lunch over / Release to 3rd lunch 12:17 PM
Tardy from 2nd lunch 12:21 PM
3rd lunch over 12:39 PM
Tardy from 3rd lunch 12:43 PM
3rd block over 1:37 PM
Tardy to 4th block / 4th block begins 1:41 PM
Dismissal 3:15 PM